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 Bottled Gas Consumption Rates

To work this out, we need to work through a couple of very simple equations. Firstly, every kg of gas (propane or butane) stored within the cylinder produces 14kw of heat energy. So to work out how much heat energy is in the cylinder we multiply the cylinder size (kg) by 14.

Thus , the energy stored within a 15kg Butane cylinder is:

15 x 14 = 210kw

We now have to take this figure and divide it by the heat setting of the appliance you are using. So, for example, a typical cabinet heater produces 4.2Kw/hour on its maximum setting. Therefore 210kw/4.2kwh = 50hours heat (on maximum setting). If you only use 1 bar and not 3 bars (as on the maximum heat setting) you will increase your cylinder life to 150 hours.

However, the efficiency of the appliance also affects the gas usage. No appliance is 100% efficient, an average efficiency estimate of 85% can be applied to the above figures to give a best estimate of cylinder life hours. 

Disclaimer: Calculations are estimates not guarantees.

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